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Stewardship 2022

Stewardship is everything.  Our motto at St. Jude’s of Reaching up, Reaching out, and Reaching In, really does say it all.  We reach up to God in our worship, theology, and teaching.  We reach out to organizations near and far by using our Time, Talent, and Treasure.  We reach in to offer fellowship and a helping hand to those fellow parishioners dealing with the daily grind of living in Gods world.

Bishop Russell stated in his last visit, “What makes Episcopalian different from other denominations is that Episcopalians are generous in what they give”. That is generosity in their time, talent, as well as their treasure.  We at St. Jude’s have seen this time and time again.  A call goes out for help and we respond.  We respond with whatever it takes.  Time, talent, or treasure, we respond.

St. Jude’s has many hurdles to overcome this coming year.  We are looking for a new rector.  Our Search Committee is working hard to sort through the applicants. We will likely have 3 more HVAC units to replace in the coming year or two.  Frank McCarty has been our man in charge of keeping our church safe and cool.  He has done an outstanding job!  Be sure to give a well done when you see him.  Our grounds have never looked so good, thank you to Ken Copeland, Don Ramsden, Jeff Howard and Cathy Self.  Please give them a thank you.  Our motto really does say it all.  I am sure that God is looking down and say, “Well done my faithful servants”.

November 21 is our commitment Sunday.  Pledge cards will be sent out the first week in November.  We will have an online portal through our web site as we did last year for ease and convenience of submitting your pledge.  Each pledge card will have your name, address, and e-mail account pre-printed.  Please verify the information and if it needs corrected, please make corrections and return the card with your pledge and place if in the offering plate on any Sunday or drop it by the office. 

The question I would like to leave each one of you with is, not how much each one of us is able to give to the church, but how much will you give to God to feel right about yourself.  I am confident that our motto will take us through the coming year with flying colors because we do reach up, reach out, and reach in.

Eric W. Kosche, Chair


Commitment Sunday is November 21, 2021.

Please bring your pledge card to church that day and place it in the offering plate or bring/mail it to the church. 

St. Jude's Episcopal Church

200 Partin Dr.

Niceville, FL 32578


If you would like to submit your pledge via e-mail, please click on the buttons below to complete the online pledge card and online gifts to share.

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