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St. Jude's depends on the generosity of parishioners to continue God's work in the world.

You can pledge anytime.


There are several easy ways to help.


4 Ways to Support St. Jude's 012322.png

1. Give via automatic bill pay

A step-by-step tutorial

  1. Log into your account on your bank’s website (if you have not ever done this you will need to ‘register’ or ‘enroll’ to have online access to your bank account.)

  2. Click on “Bill Pay” center, or “Pay Bills” or similar. You may need to click on “Advanced Bill Pay” or “Further Options” from there.

  3. Find the place to add a new payee. This may be an option called “Add new bill” or “Add a pay to account.”

  4. Add St. Jude’s Episcopal Church as a new payee. If you are given an option to select whether this is a company or individual, select individual.

  5. Input the information in the fields. Be sure to input the correct address and phone for St. Jude’s:

200 N Partin Dr., Niceville, FL 32578

  1. Next you should be able to set up an automatic, recurring payment to St. Jude’s. This may be under an option such as “Set up automatic payments” or may be accessible by clicking St. Jude’s in your list of payees. From there you can set up payments in the amount and frequency that you want. If there is a memo line, write, “Pledge.”

  2. Your bank will automatically write and mail a check to St. Jude’s as often as you request, with no additional charge to you or the church.

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