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Stewardship 2023

Dear Brothers and Sister in Christ,

What a year 2022 has been.  We have slowly moved to what we see as the new normal for St. Jude’s. Our on-line worship service is second to none, what a marvelous job Michelle, Patrick and Tarquin are doing.  It doesn’t replace in person worship, but it is a great substitute when we are unable to attend.

This year’s theme for stewardship is “Let’s Get in the Boat”.  Pastor V’s sermon in mid- July shared with us that both oars (works and faith) must be in the water and move at the same rate to go forward.  If one oar pulls stronger than the other you end up going in a circle.  St. Jude’s in the past has had difficulty in steering the boat in one direction, but now we have our facility in excellent order and we can focus our oars on faith rather than just works and move forward together.

The lay leadership has taken hold and is moving forward with the help of Pastor V.  Eucharistic Ministry visitations have started for the shut in’s, our Youth Committee has been extremely active and are ready to call a Children and Youth Minister Facilitator, and we have a new nursery attendant and bookkeeper.  Our Search Committee is receiving names and going through the interviewing process to call our new rector.  We are moving forward using our time, talent and treasure.  Well done!!!


This truly has been a significant year for St. Jude’s despite the economic outlook for 2023.  Inflation has affected all of us.  Please look at the enclosed pamphlet to see our income and expenses for 2022 and our projected budget for 2023.  Our Finance Committee is working diligently with our many ministries to develop an effective budget, but we still are expecting a 15% increase in expenses. This includes a Children and Youth Minister Facilitator, funds for our new rector position, and a 5% increase to all staff to help with the effects of inflation.   


Please bring/mail/ e-mail your 2023 pledge card or submit your pledge online at by Commitment Sunday November 6, 2022.  Please keep in mind that the back of the pledge card is just as important as the front.  Time and talent are required on this three legged stool of stewardship to make St. Jude’s the best that it can be.


Let us all move forward in the boat with both oars in the water making St. Jude’s the best it can be and be Disciples of Christ.


Eric W. Kosche, Chair


Commitment Sunday is November 6, 2022.

Please bring your pledge card to church that day and place it in the offering plate or bring/mail it to the church. 

St. Jude's Episcopal Church

200 North Partin Dr.

Niceville, FL 32578


If you would like to submit your pledge via e-mail, please click on the buttons below to complete the online pledge card and online gifts to share.

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